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How to capture the right moment

Hello every body, in this article I will share my working experience on “How to capture the right moment” in documentary photography.

I am doing documentary photography for almost 10 years now and I have been in many different situations. Since I like minimal images, I prefer to be in calm places where not many people are in. These are some recommendations for you.

1- Find the right spot

The most important thing in photography is the light. If you wanna take a great photo, you need to know what is a good light and place your self and your camera accordingly.

Soaking the light

2- Evaluate everything in the frame

As I said above, I like minimal images and try to avoid distraction in my frame. So I arrange my frame carefully and try to omit extra unwanted objects.

3- Be patient and wait

The walk – It was like a miracle! I waited for about 30 seconds and everything arranged flawlessly! I was asked many time ( once by editor) that if this is documentary work or I just added those cats there. The truth is all I like about photography is it’s miracles and with Photoshop they are not miracles any more! So I never add or delete objects from my works.

After you find the right spot and framed your image carefully, All you have to do is waiting and waiting and more waiting. Believe me it will worth it. The waiting can be so short or relatively long and its up to your luck! The only true thing is If you wait enough, you will be surprised and even miracles can happen.

Rome photographer
“An Old man in Grand Bazaar” I waited for almost 15 minutes here and many people passed by. Finally I got a shot that I liked.

That’s all about How to capture the right moment. I hope you can capture the very best moments that you love.

Good luck!

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